The Rose and Hair Framework (2011) Analysis: Priceline Pharmacy

Figure 3: A conceptual framework of OCE (Source:

The Antecedents

The first stage of the Rose and Hair framework (2011)  is known as the antecedent. In this case it means the stage before a customers experience with a brand. There are nine different parts to the antecedents stage which are: 

  • Information Processing : Priceline Pharmacy’s home page is bright pink allowing the website to capture the eye of women [target market]. The page lists important information such as ongoing sales, tabs and more importantly what the company is about and aims to provide to current and potential customers. 
  • Perceived Ease-of-use: The website is divided into different sections allowing customers to easily navigate their way around. Listed on the homepage are all of the different types of sales the company is currently providing along with recommended products and the brands most popular items. Priceline uses pictures and attention-grabbing words.
  • Perceived Usefulness: As mentioned above, Priceline offers both in-store and online services. In-store allows well-trained staff to help customers find the right product for them. Allowing customers the luxury of shopping online caters to those with busy lifestyles to buy necessities with the click of a button and to have it delivered to their door. 
  • Perceived Benefits: Priceline Pharmacy helps and empowers women to feel comfortable buying certain types of ‘embarrassing’ products. This is important as women should be made to feel comfortable, beautiful and healthy. 
  • Perceived Control: Priceline offers a membership known as the ‘Priceline Sisterhood’. Customers are able to choose whether or not to become a member. Being apart of the ‘Priceline Sisterhood’ gives customers exclusive deals, a discount on items once they receive enough points and an express online checkout. 
  • Skill: This leading beauty and health retailer has a website that is easy to use and navigate your way around, it will attract more customers to the brand. This makes it friendly for all ages and internet users. 
  • Trust : The products sold by Priceline are often necessities which is great for business but risky for the brand. Online shopping doesn’t allow customers to touch or test the product before purchase which can lead to problems. If a customer is unsatisfied with their product and proof of purchase is provided, the customer can return or exchange the product. By allowing this, the beauty retailer builds trust and a loyal customer base. 
  • Enjoyment: Regardless of my unpleasant online experience, I have always enjoyed shopping in-store at Priceline Pharmacy. The staff are welcoming and friendly and make me feel comfortable in the environment. I am a current Priceline member and will continue to be one for the years to come. I will happily recommend Priceline Pharmacy to my friends and family. 

Experience is the second stage of the Rose and Hair framework (2011). There are two parts to this stage known as the ‘cognitive stage’ and the ‘affective stage’. One problem encountered in this stage is that the difference between cognitive and affective state should be defined as it can confuse readers. Cognitive is the thinking side of things where your brain uses experience to determine a thought about something. The affective state is concerned with one’s feelings or emotions. 


The final stage of the Rose and Hair framework (2011) is the consequence stage which is divided into two parts known as ‘customer satisfaction’ and ‘repurchase intention’. In the framework, both parts come equally after one another but are divided into two separate boxes as seen above, However, the ‘customer satisfaction’ stage should come before the ‘repurchase intention’ as the repurchase stage heavily relies upon whether the customer is satisfied. 

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