The Priceline Experience: Online vs. In-store


  • My opinion on the brand ‘Priceline Pharmacy’
  • My own experience [online vs. in-store]
  • Analysing and applying Priceline Pharmacy to the Rose and Hair framework (2011).

Before diving straight into the analysis of the Rose and Hair framework (2011), I’d like to talk about my personal experience with the brand. Priceline Pharmacy is an Australian chemist and beauty retailer that aims to encourage and empower women by helping them to look good, live well and feel great. The company aims to be Australia’s leading health, beauty and wellbeing retailer (, 2019).

When I was younger, Priceline was my favourite chemist due to the fact that pink was my favourite colour. As I grew up, I slowly started to realise what the pink colour truly represented. The pink represents a bond, a sisterhood and aims to broaden the minds of women all across Australia. My in-store experience has always been pleasant which is the main reason I choose Priceline over other chemists. The staff are always friendly, provide great customer service and make an effort to help customers feel comfortable. 

In our modern day society, people live time poor, technology driven lives meaning they have less time to visit stores and go shopping. Online shopping enables full-time workers, busy parents and other people who live a busy lifestyle the luxury of buying new things. Personally, I prefer to shop online as I can buy new items with a few clicks of the mouse and have it delivered right to my doorstep for a small extra fee. 

I am a frequent online shopper, I’ve had the experience of using Priceline’s website. The design and layout overall represents the company quite well and is easy to navigate. Being apart of the Priceline sister-hood [membership] allowed my checkout to be faster than the average customer which I appreciated. Fast forward to a few weeks later and I had not received the products. I emailed the customer service teams and provided a proof of purchase reference code for my order. They were unsure of where the products were however, they asked if I’d like the products sent to me again or store credit [can be used in-store or online]. This was a roller coaster of an experience and not a pleasant one at that but I was won over by how they accommodated my preferences. 

Overall, even with my unfortunate online experience I continue to shop at Priceline Pharmacy because of how I feel when I walk through the doors. The staff always ask if I need any help, are friendly and always smiling and I am made to feel comfortable and welcomed into their store. The picture below truly captures the essence of the brand.

Figure 2: The essence of Priceline Pharmacy (Source:

References (2019). [online] Available at: [Accessed 23 Aug. 2019].

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